Saturday, March 13, 2010

In Season

Growing up my parents bought a lot of our fruits and vegetables from farmers markets and directly from farmers stands in our area. My neighbor also grew a large plot of vegetables and would drop off a couple grocery bags full on our porch every couple of weeks. Because of this most of dinners revolved around what was in season at the time. My parents were very aware of what was in season, mostly because growing up they only got vegetables that were in season. When I got to college and started buying my own groceries I had very little knowledge of what was in season. I knew corn was a summer vegetable and Apples were a fall fruit, but I had no idea what times of the year were good for asparagus, tomatoes, spinach or many of the other things I was buying regularly.

Today knowing what is in season only really makes a difference if you are trying to buy on a budget or are trying to make more sustainable choices. Modern technology has allowed fruits and vegetables that are out of season to quickly be brought in from somewhere that they are in season. I feel its strange that I don't really have to be aware of where the items I buy are from. So today I did a little reading and research so that I would know what is in season and could plan my grocery lists around that. While my research will help me save a bit of money and maybe make less of an environmental impact, my main goal was to be aware of something that modern convince has made somewhat unnecessary. Here are some charts I found for quick reference.

This one is the most visually appealing. Covers herbs and fish also. Might print it out and put it on the fridge. PDF Here

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