Thursday, March 31, 2011

In White

I have always been a fan of white cars. White seems to be a color most people treat as substandard. Its too boring for some and too hard to clean for others. I think the reason some people dislike white is that is shows off all of a cars flaws, both in design and maintenance. This may be the exact reason some cars look so good in white, because when you accentuate the curves of a well designed car, it just looks better. It seems to me that most of the cars I think look best in white happen to be European, which reaffirms my nothing that the extra effort they put into fit and finish doesn't go unnoticed. That doesn't mean I dont appreciate an American or Japanese beauty in white.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


New York based CXXVI released their spring/summer collection. Its very similar to their previous releases, which is a good thing. The collection has a lot of things that I look for, simple designs, muted colors, and made in America. Check the website for the full lot, including bags, knives, beanies and more.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Formula 1 2011

The 2011 season of Formula 1 kicks off this weekend with the Australian Grand Prix. I am definitely excited for this season.

Many tech changes have been made this season. The banning of the controversial F-Duct system and the addition of adjustable rear wings will give the manufactures some new tech to show off. Bridgestone has been replaced by Pirelli as the tire supplier. Testing showed the new Pirellis wear much faster and will add a third pit stop to many races. KERS units will also be an option open for all the teams that choose to use one.

On the driver side of things, two teams will be running under the Lotus badge, one running under Team Lotus Renault GP, the other as Team Lotus-Renault. How can two teams be running under the same manufacture badge? Lotus founder Colin Chapman kept the commercial and racing sides of Lotus separate, eventually leading to two different people having the rights to the Lotus name. So for this season one team has optioned to buy the rights from the new owners of Lotus motor car and the other team is licensing the rights from he current owner the Lotus racing division.

In sad news Lotus Renault GP driver Robert Kubica suffered a terrible crash in the Ronde di Andora Rally and was severely injured. He is luckily alive, but has undergone numerous surgeries including a partial amputation of his forearm. Hopefully he recover goes well and he can make a return to racing. He is being replaced for the season by former teammate Nick Heidfeld.

I was always a fan of the Melbourne based track, with parts on sectioned off public roads and the rest on purpose built speedway. I hope that Sunday shows to be a great opening race for the 2011 season. Here are some shots from the first two practice sessions.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

For Japan

By now you already know the state of devastation Japan is in. So take the effort and put some money towards helping them rebuild. The easiest ways to donate are by texting the Red Cross (text REDCROSS to 90999 from any mobile to make a $10 USD donation) or instant donations through Paypal.

Here is a list of other reputable charities

Also if you still need something to show for you donation check these out.

Corter Leather bracelet for japan-All proceeds to Red Cross.

Max Erdenberger's Help Japan Poster

Lady Gaga wristband for Japan

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The other 240

I have mentioned my love for the Fairlady, Nissan's 240z, but there is another 240 that I hold close to my heart. This one happens to be often loved by soccer moms and New England college students, and the professors of those colleges. I am talking about the Volvo 240, the brick shaped car known for its reliability and safety. One of my best friends acquired one from an aunt for his first car. It was in terrible shape, the paint was peeling, the AC didn't work, the windows didn't roll down, and the door latches and locks were finicky at best. But it ran strong, and it was the only car any of our friends owned that was real wheel drive, meaning it was the only car we wanted to ride in when there was fresh snow in any parking lot.

Now as these cars enter their second decade of life a new crowd is starting to take interest in them. There reliability, coupled with the fact that they are dirt cheap to pick up, rear wheel drive, and can have a turbo bolted on without to much trouble has made them part of quite the revival. They seem to today to be in the same standing they were when they first came out, the poor mans solution to expensive E30 BMW's, and I am fine with that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

As Long as There is Whiskey in the World

They put on a great show Saturday night. I am eally glad I caught them when they were in town this time, as I missed their last tour.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don't know how I missed the initial post about Poler over at 10Engines, but I sure am glad that they were brought up again. Poler seems to be exactly the kind of gear I was looking for to use in my planned summer adventures. I love camping and traveling, but my idea of camping is a few nights out in the woods with friends, beer, and food cooked on a camp fire, or sleeping in the backseat of a car near the beach. Not attempting to cross the Antarctic tundra or sitting one tent site over from a family that seems to living not camping there.

Currently there seems to be two main types of camping gear, ultra high tech gear used for first ascents or month long excursions into the wilderness, and crappy, poorly made gear for people traveling with pop top trailers staying at sites with showers and a pool. Poler seems to be hoping to fill the middle niche, gear that performs well without unneeded bells and whistles. High tech enough to keep you warm and dry when the weather gets cold and wet, but cheap enough so you can still afford a pack of hot dogs and box of devil dogs for the trip. For an added plus they seem to have a real good sense of humor, something that I can really appreciate in outdoor gear. That and they make koozies.