Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Salt, Fresh & Field is a TV series in development featuring an emotional and visually emersive treatment of hunting, fishing, foraging and exploring food sources on the West Coast of North America.

A vivid, and cinematic experience, Salt, Fresh & Field busts apart old paradigms of the "hook and bullet" genre with style and makes finding your own food sexy for a generation of urbanites who are becoming more conscious and curious about where their food comes from.

Chad Brealey, our authentic and approachable guide embodies the modern urban male — aware of his environment, up for adventure and not afraid to get dirty in and out of the kitchen.

Taking a visceral step beyond the farmer's market, Chad gets out of town and gathers ingredients to prepare a feast for friends and family waiting in the city. Chad's honest and humorous approach and the beauty and fantasy presented in each episode makes it cool to care about where food comes from and crave the art and adventure of putting food on the table.

Looks great, hope to see more about this soon.