Wednesday, March 24, 2010

12 Hours of Sebring

Spent the weekend up in NH at my parents. Got a good day of snowboarding in at Sunapee, definitely wish I could have made it out to the Open though. While I was home I got to catch a good portion of the 12 Hours of Sebring. A lot of blogs post about the glory days of racing, but good racing is still out there. Sure there is too much money being dumped into it and useless drama, but racing is racing and the excitement and competition is still there. I'm definitely glad American Le Mans didn't totally fall apart after Audi pulled out. Audi dropping out wasn't a huge deal for me as GT2 is definitely my favorite class to watch. All in all it was a bad day for Porsche and the Corvette teams but most of that was just bad luck. Although the Corvette pit crash was pretty oafish. It's good to see BMW competing again in GT2, I'm definitely excited for the season as the M3 is one my favorite cars of all time. The Ferrari teams had a good day out as expected. I definitely feel GT2 will bet the class to watch this year depending on what teams show up for P1 in the next events.

Check out the Peugeot P1 car getting through traffic at 1:12.

I was really glad to see speed hunters sent one of my favorite photographers to the race. Its cool too see a tuner oriented site cover more classic racing.

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