Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Boston Shaker

The Boston Shaker is a newly opened cocktail supply store. Located in Davis Square of Sommerville, Ma just a block from the red line station. I stopped in yesterday to see the store and pick up some Fee Brothers Orange bitters which I had been having some trouble finding in the stores closer to me. The Shaker specializes in high quality glass wear, bar tools, and non alcoholic ingredients. They carry a decent selection of bitters, extracts, and of course high quality maraschino cherries and martini olives. They also have a nice selection of books related to everything from recipes, to the history of drinking in america.

Boston Shaker also hosts a variety of classes related to mixology. These include standard classes were recipes and mixing techniques are covered. They also have more specialized classes such as the bitters round up that covers all the different types of bitters that are available and the aroma, flavor, and mixing differences between them. Local bartenders and cocktail aficionados are brought in on occasion to host unique classes.

I also picked up some awesome kitchen squeeze bottles, the kind you see people using on TV cooking shows. Filled one with olive oil and used the other two I bought for simple syrup. One of my friends was craving mint juleps so we made one batch of mint infused simple syrup. It came out amazing and now I'm trying to figure out more things to put it in as an excuse to keep eating it.

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