Thursday, September 24, 2009

The weekender

Anyone who's been following recent releases has seen a proliferation of "Weekender" bags, or normally known as a canvas duffel. Even though some are ridiculous priced, awkwardly detailed, or plain ugly it is nice to see the focus moving away from just clothing. A nice weekend bag is a pretty useful thing to own. Bigger than a backpack but not as arduous to carry as full on luggage it can be brought to the beach or the lake house, weekend skiing or light camping trips. Just enough room for a dobb kit, extra underwear, nice shirt, sweater,an extra pair of pants or shorts and if lucky another pair of shoes. Many companies also release leather bags, which I tried to not pay attention due to my lack of being able to afford anything of quality in leather.

Another useful item that a couple companies have released are sailor duffel's which are one of the best ways to transport laundry for those of us unlucky enough to not have an in house or in building washer and dryer. The Nudie all denim sailor bag was pretty interesting but I enjoy the military surplus version for their unbeatable price. As usual tons of pics below.
Modern duffel from Common Projects

Brothers Bray (Billykirk) for Urban Outfitters
Surprisingly boring duffel form Nom De Guerre

Functional and classic as usual from APC

While bags released by designers are cool to see, they are often just updated and more detailed versions of bags that other manufactures have been making for decades. Often these classic bags have a style that has given them lasting power.

Waxed cotton from Orivs

Johnston and Murphy sell the same bag for more

A reasonably priced version from Filson

Some sailor style
duffel bags

Nudie dry denim sailor bag at context
Military surplus versions
Vintage sea bag
Once again Nautica ruins all things nautical

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