Friday, September 4, 2009

Steelcase Furniture

Steelcase furniture was founded in 1912 under the name The Metal Office Furniture Company. The name would later be changed in 1954 to the Steelcase Co. It might be the engineer in me that makes mid century steelcase so appealing. The idea of men doing work that I do now without the help of calculators, or computers is quite the feat. Maybe I just feel that 40 hours in the office didn't feel so frustrating back then. I'm hoping I can find one of these desks back home rotting in someones basement. Definitely would make a cool restoration project.

Tanker Style Desk and Chair Late 40's

Most likely a remake but still classic looking

Single drawer desk for today's cubes

The cabinet that made them famous

Every desk needs an Emeralite Lamp

While the cool muted colors of the 40's and 50's Steelcase products are definitely more my style. It is interesting to see how much office style changed in the 60's. Some vintage ads are below.

Note to self: Get guns, use to get bear rug, place all items in office


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