Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Image Dump

Been ungodly busy with my last semester of school lately. 19 credits of engineering classes with two labs is already destroying any bit of free time.

Here are some pictures I came across recently that I really enjoyed.

Worker at carbon black plant, Sunray, Texas- 1942

After seven years in the Navy, J.D. Estes is considered an old sea salt by his mates at the Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas-1942

Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas- 1943
Hanna furnaces of the Great Lakes Steel Corporation, Detroit, Mich. Coal tower atop coal ovens-1942

One of the girls of Vilter [Manufacturing] Co. filing small gun parts, Milwaukee, Wisc. One brother in Coast Guard, one going to Army.-1943

Daniel Senise throwing a switch while at work in an Indiana Harbor Belt Line railroad yard-1943

Jesse Rhodes Waller, A.O.M., third class, tries out a 30-calibre machine gun he has just installed in a Navy plane, Naval Air Base, Corpus Christi, Texas- 1942

Children with adult in the tenement district, Brockton, Massachusetts -1940

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