Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Aarron Horkey

Aarron Horkey is one of the most well known print makers in the concert/band poster arena. Most of the time he is referred to by his relation to Burlesque of North America an artist collective of which he is a member of. He is often incorrectly referred to as the owner of Burlesque but he is simply a member. Its hard to dig up any other information about Horkey's background, but his work speaks for itself. Famous for his intricate and detailed lettering, his prints sell out incredebly fast and almost always become ebay gold. Horkey's prints often draw many admireres for their detailed designs, and extremely unique imagery. The biggest draw for me is the fact that he is often creating these prints for some of my favorite artists. He redencenlty work on a collaboration with addidas, although while I wasnt the biggest fan of the shoes, I definietley appreciated that adidas was drawing on an artist like him. Click the images for a bigger view.

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