Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tabacco Tin

One of the things I used to collect while being dragged around by my mother to every antique store within an hours drive of my house was old tins. By collect I mean I started "collecting" by buying three or four of them and quickly moved onto "collecting" something else, probably baseball cards or old glass bottles. The tins always seemed to house what I deemed valuable through out the years. Starting off with a couple 2 dollar bills, an Indian head penny, and whatever foreign currency my parents brought back from vacations. After I started mowing lawns and raking leaves I used them to store whatever cash I didn't immediately spend. In high school, after I started putting any money I had into the bank, they held any contraband I didn't want my parents to find. Mostly lighters and loose cigarettes. I'm sure they knew what I was keeping in them, but they never mentioned it.

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