Wednesday, December 22, 2010

St. Lucia

It only took me 6 months, but I finally got around to uploading photo's from my sailing trip last May. I'm certainly missing that warm weather right now. The trip was amazing, the scenery of the Caribbean is always so vivid. The volcanically formed islands leap from the water. The sheer size of the pitons is stunning. The people we met along our trip could not be nicer or more accommodating. Traveling by boat is something I have been lucky enough to do for many of my vacations. Sailing is fun enough in itself, especially this trip were the winds could not have been more favorable, but coupled with the amazing scenery and wonderful weather it cant be beat. The freedom that comes with being able to plan out your trip exactly how you want it, and be able to see what things you want to see at your leisure is unmatched. I also feel like it gives you a whole new appreciation of your surroundings, and the people you meet. A hot meal and a cold drink feels mighty satisfying after a long day out on the water.

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A friendly cat at Jambe De Bois in
Rodney Bay, best roti of the whole trip.

Anse La Raye, we stopped in on a Friday night when the
whole town cooks out in a giant fish fry.

Anse Cochon, one of the prettiest coves on the island.

View of the Pitons from afar

South side of Gros Piton, absolutely dwarfing the small sailboat next to it.

North side of Gros Piton

I made a friend while on my hike

The walk up to Fort Rodney, which the British used
to defend the island from the French

View down from the fort.

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