Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Beer Trays

Growing up, whenever I ate anything outside of the kitchen, be it dinner or a snack, it was served on an old beer tray from the now defunct Diehl Brewery. My family had two of them, which were almost always reserved for use by my sister and I. Through my highschool years and up until today whenever I'm home as soon as I try and bring any food out of the kitchen I am kindly reminded to "Put it on a tray!" Even as a child I remember the tray's being in pretty rough shape, but years of cereal and ants on a log have reduced the pair to nothing more than black paint, oxidation, and rust.

I am surprised that the tradition of brewing companies making trays has stopped for the most part, it seems like a great way to advertise along with the rest of the branded items given to pubs such as glassware and coasters. For many breweries that are no longer around, beer trays seem to be one of the most permanent reminders of their existence. Adorning the walls up pubs long after the glassware has been broken, coasters have been discarded, and the breweries themselves torn down.

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