Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Harry Clarke Illustrates Edgar Allan Poe

Dublin born book illustrator and stained glass maker Harry Clarke created 24 black and white illustrations and 8 color plates for the 1923 edition of Tales of Mystery and Imagination, a collection of Edgar Allan Poe's works. Clarke was initially trained in the works of stained glass at Dublin Art School, where he excelled. After graduation he decided to put his efforts towards book illustration and sought work in London. His first published work was a set of drawings done for Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson. This work was then immediately followed by the newest edition of the Poe collection. He would go on to illustrate the works of Charles Perrault, Goethe and even do a booklet for Jameson Whiskey.

Its amazing how intense and detailed his illustrations for Poe's collection are. The paintings are easily at tortured and haunted feeling as the poems they accompany. His stained glass work is also nothing short of stunning Stumbled upon this while looking thought the amazing imagery and information at A Journey Round My Skull.

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