Friday, August 27, 2010

Corbin Bridge

Corbin Covered bridge in Newport, NH. I used to take it all the time to get from my hometown to the closest movie theater in Claremont, NH. There was of course a faster route on the main road, but the bridge was worth taking the long road there. Constructed in approximately 1845, it was almost torn down in early 80's due to the cost of upkeep, but luckily it was saved by the combined forces of the Historical Preservation Society and the National Parks fund. It then unfortunately burnt down in 93', the fire was later attributed to arson. Amazingly funding was given to rebuild the bridge in 94' along with a small park nearby. Covered bridges are something to be appreciated. Most of them are one lane, and too small or rated too low for trucks to get through. Most of the reaming covered bridges are on back roads with little traffic, which is exactly the kind of place I like to be. There are a couple other bridges near by, some on roads the others on abandoned rail road tracks that are now used for hiking and snowmobiling.

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