Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NH Ice Racing

Seems like all I have heard this week is people complaining about the heat. Seems in New England no matter the weather some people just like to complain about it. So to distract my heat stroked friends from the burning sun outside, here are some videos that will help make you appreciate the fact that its in the double digits.

Ice racing is one of those things that looks silky smooth on camera, then you go see it in person and realize how totally out of their minds all the people that race this are. Ice is rough, even when you get the track smooth at the beginning of the day, two races later its as rutted as any motocross course. Racing bikes on ice is insane, now I would be up to do some solo laps at some point, but never do I want to have my face 30 inches from a tire that's covered in half inch studs while spinning 60 miles an hour.

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