Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle is an Austin based print maker whose work reaches out to your inner nerd. Since 2001 he has been doing amazing original work and posters for touring bands and for the always awesome Alamo Draft House. Doyle has recently entered full force into the comic world and is the owner of a small chain of comic book stores. He has been doing comic work for Lucas Film, Hasbro, and IDW, and he has also created his own comic, The Intergalactic Nemesis. In 2009 he stopped being a for hire print maker and began work for his newly founded company Nakatomi Inc. where him and two other artists now produce all sorts of nerdtastic posters, t-shirts and other items.

The many faces of Bill Murray

Twin Peaks


He-Man the good guys
He-Man the bad guys

Tim Doyles addition to the Lost series

Ghost Busters

Blade Runner

For those who don't know Troll II is the "best" worst movie ever

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