Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Manchester Firing Line

Spent Easter weekend home in NH. A few buddies of mine were heading to the Manchester Firing Line to get some shooting in, I tagged along since I was already heading that way. Normally if I'm shooting guns its out at some cabin/sandpit/quarry that happens to be owned by one of my friends grandparents/uncles/cousins. I like it that way, there's something strange to me about shooting for fun in a commercial range where you have to wait in lines and can barely afford ammunition.

The Firing Line does allow for some unique experiences. First, they have way more weapons that I would ever normally have access too, the guns range from classic WWII to modern assault rifles. There's Uzi's, Grease guns, Tompson's(with the drum!), MP5's, MP40's, and even a belt fed M60. Second, all the modern weapons are full auto versions, something I would only get to use if I dug up 30,000 dollars for a pre-ban gun. All in all the day was really fun, got a decent amount of trigger time, had a good lunch with my friends, and got to show some out of staters how fun NH can be. I cant think of a better way to start easter weekend. I didn't bring my camera so I only have one picture my friend snapped of me shooting.

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