Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Best Place to Nap is Outside

Been totally swamped lately with midterms. Luckily these are hopefully the last midterms I'll ever have to take. Im on spring break next week, headed down to the Virgin Islands to get some sailing in. My dad and uncle recently picked up a 37 foot 87" Beneteau that is being kept near my Uncles on St Thomas. Its funny that all my life I've sailed boats that were as old or older than me. Beneteu gets a lot of flack for making crappy sailing boats designed for the charter crowd, but from what I've heard about this boat it should sail like a dream. From the photos and description it needs a heafty does of TLC to get it looking pretty but all the rigging and major systems are in perfect shape. Plans of bringing the boat up here in the summer are being discussed, but I would definitley like to get hot water installed in it before I make that trip. I'll try to borrow a camera for my trip so I can post up some of my own pictures for once.

Thinking about traveling by sail made me think of spending time on a classic ship, living below deck in a hammock. Luckily today most boats have much more adquete sleeping quarters. The hammock still makes an appearence in long distance racers who save weight with hammocks. Makes sense for sleepinng underway as the rocking of the boat wont bother you as much in a hammock. I will definitely be setting up a one on my porch for the summer. Cant think of a better place to spend warm afternoons. Hammocks are pretty easy to set up and convienent becuase if you hang them with hooks you can take the
m up and down as you please. Been thinking about picking up a camping hammock for some summer trips that I want to go on. Hopefully I'll get to do some long weekends and maybe even a full week or two in the woods.

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