Friday, February 26, 2010

18.325411, -64.848525

Going sailing for a week. Definitely ready to be in some warm and dry weather. This week of monsoons was really dragging on me. Probably wont bother with the internet or cell down there so no posts for the next week. Hope the weather up here takes a good turn before I get back. I'll take sun or snow, anything as long as its not raining.

The Baths on Vigin Gorda, don't let the tranquil
picture fool you its always overrun with people

Dead Mans Bay on Peter Island, luckily its a high brow resort so
the beach is empty. Island regulations make it an open
anchorage so the beach is open to sailors.

Caves on Norman Island, I would say the coral and fish populations
drop by 20% every year. Scary stuff. Place was so colorful when I was 10 or
eleven, so much gray now its awful.

Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke. Definitley my favorite bar in the islands.
Perfect mix of party, tourist and true local hangout.
One of the only buffet's I'll ever order.

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