Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stereo Love

I always enjoy products that mix extreme performance with great styling. High end supercars are one of the best examples of this. The mix of an enormously power full engine and well tuned suspension, paired with a sleek looking body is the culmination of good design. Another, probably overlooked, area that mixes both the form and the function is home stereo equipment. Stereo equipment actually has a lot in common with cars, most people will only own low cost pieces from major manufactures like Sony and Yamaha purchased at big box stores. The Honda civics and Plymouth voyagers of audio. But just as Ferrari and Porsche manufacture cars for enthusiasts with well lined pockets, boutique companies like Continuum Audio Labs and Rogue Audio produce stereo equipment for the true audiophile. Some of these pieces are true works of art, most also pushing the boundaries of audio performance, but be warned there are some DeLoreans in every market.

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