Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hard Cider

Made some hard cider while I had some free time. I've been brewing beer and cider on and off for a few years now and since it had been a decent amount of time since I brewed I decided to get back into it with an almost fool proof hard cider. I also picked up ingredients for a barleywine that I have had a lot of success with in the past. Hopefully I''ll get to brew the barleywine sometime this week. The cider recipe is one that I have used for making cider for a parties or to give as cheap gifts during the holidays.

Cider Recipe:
-5 Gallons Kirland Apple Juice
-3 lbs dark brown sugar
-3 lbs honey
-Muntons Ale Yeast
-5 Tsp Yeast Nutrient

Heat 2 gallons of cider and add sugar and honey until mixed well, combine with the 3 other gallons and the yeast nutrient in fermenting bucket. Pitch the yeast and let ferment for 8-10 weeks. O.G should be around 1.075-1.085. This cider usually finishes pretty sweet but can be fished dry with the addition of champagne yeast and can be back sweetened if it does end up too dry. I usually cold crash the cider and then bottle in half gallon bottles with no carbonation although I'm debating bottling in 22oz'ers and carbonating it. Its not the most complex beverage but definitely drinkable. This ferments to a fairly high alcohol content, 8-10% so enjoy in moderation.

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